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Haltech Sprint 500 with Precision 1000 cc

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Hi every body,

Anyone use Haltech sprint 500 with Precision injectors 1000 "with resistor"?

I tried but the car couldn't be work probably in IDLE and with full boost. what is the injectors dead time and firing angle?

I don't know if Haltech ECU is not sporting Low impedance injectors, I am using resistor box?

Engine: 1JZGTE.

About Sprint 500 support for low impedance call Haltech.

For injectors dead time call Precision .

About firing angle you can watch the related webinar.

Cheers !

No definative answer but I did contact Haltech about using a Sprint 500 for a CA18DET which had low z injectors using resistors and they said it would be no problem.

What issues are you having? They don't work at all? or just erratic? are the injectors new?

With the sprint you'll be running batch fire and wasted spark so it is very important that you have your timing in the ECU calibrated as it will run with it being 360 degrees out. This is covered here:


If you're using a resistor pack you shouldn't have any issues running low impedance injectors but they still need the lag times to be correct which would be where I would start after setting your timing up properly, these should be provided by the manufacturer.

The topic is covered here:


Here's some dead times that I've found listed for these injectors, it will be a good starting point:

Open Time Latency (ms) @ Voltage -->

1.63ms @ 8.7v

1.00ms @ 10.4v

0.80ms @ 12.2v

0.70ms @ 13.9v

0.60ms @ 15.6v

0.56ms @ 17.4v

0.56ms @ 19.1v

0.53ms @ 20.9v

Injector firing angle shouldn't need adjusting once the car's running properly. This is covered here:


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