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Having trouble with my first first attempt at tuning.

The car is a 2002 Lexus is300.

Mods are US spec 2jzgte, fic 2150cc injectors, lq9 coils, AEM infinity 6.

Should be a simple set up. Programmed and calibrated all sensors. Car has fuel, spark, compression, and still no start. This is where it gets weird. If tell the ECU firing order is 153624 it won't start. Then if I tell it the firing order is 123456. The car will start but only run on a couple cylinders and miss firing on others. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Wiring mixed up?

Did you wire the injector and ignition outputs in firing order? Not sure if AEM in particular needs that, but maybe look into it?

The wiring is correct. At this point I can't tell you how many times I've checked it.

Try to run it in batch fire mode for ignition and fuel , if that doesnt work check your trigger and injection angle

Won't batch fire only fire 3 coils? And I don't know how to find the trigger angles. I thought the ecu set all of that in the Wizards

Batch fire will open all injectors at the same time using that and wasted spark configuration (firing all coils at the same time) should be able to start your engine if cranking setting are setup . If that doesnt fire it up then i guess its going to be a trigger problem

Do you have any ignition map setup to fire it up i think the supra idles at 10 degrees advance its a good start

Looking at your injector size means e85 so 20 degrees or 25 is better

I'm sure it's ignition trigger angle I just don't know how to set it

I tried wasted spark and it fires right up but I think it's only running on cylinders one two and three

Touch the exhaust runners you will see which ones it runs

I did that. That's why I said I think it's running 1, 2, 3

I had to flip coil 1 with 6. Coil 2 with 5. coil 3 with 4. But it runs now.

Sounds like your trigger was 360 degrees out

That's what I figured. If I sink the ignition timing is there a way to make sure it's OK. Leav it locked and rev the engine and watch to see if it drifts?

Yeah, leave it locked and increase the rpm in 500rpm steps to check for drift.

If you check this webinar Andre probably explains it best:


Thank you!

No worries.

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