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High EGT on 1 Cylinder

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Hello Andre and Fellow Tuners,

I am encountering a problem with a full race boosted methanol drag engine, and will appreciate any solid advice.

The EGT on Cylinder 3 starts rising much higher than the others at around 7500 rpm & up. The other cylinders will peak at around 1300 F but the problem cylinder will shoot pass 1600 + F if allowed. The higher the rpm the higher the temperature.

Even though you can physically see the runner is a different color due to the heat, I still replaced the EGT probe out of safety precaution with no change.

The engine also has a 4 channel AEM wideband installed, and the Lambda readings are all equal. The cylinder has and additional 5% Fuel trim added with minimal difference. If I advance or retard the Ign Trim on that particular cylinder it makes no difference.

Both a leak down and compression test were carried out and all cylinders are within range (Marginal Differences).

Weak valve springs, or burnt valves are strong possibilities but the engine still runs very clean with no miss or hesitation. Has anybody ever encountered a similar problem? If so, can you share how it was rectified? I will greatly appreciate it.

Thank you