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It's might be help.

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@Joe are those settings for a specific wideband?

@Falah, we don't really use this forum as a buy / sell, however I understand that wasn't your aim. If someone else has a use for it then feel free to move it on. Perhaps exchange email address so you can flesh out the details amongst yourselves. HPA has no real interest in the FCON as it isn't a system many are able to use because of the hardware dongle situation.

Thanks Andre, well it could be a lot less awkward if there was a direct message feature on here. But if you permit me. I will give the dude my mail. Reach me at Its not such a horrible ecu by the way, Japanese tuners love it and i have seen some very nice work coming off from Japan. Also you can set your base map and all the configurations even before you ever plugged your ecu to it. Which is good practice, since you hurt nothing. There is no help, the map sensor and iat sensor wiring harness comes in japanese and therefore it's impossible to understand what it says. And hence its piggyback the wiring mess is HUGE. There are big chances an idiot like me will make many wiring mistakes and the car will never start. The data logging graph looks like a 4 year old child scribbling on paper and is hard to follow.

@falah I sent you an email and I have english diagrams and Manuals if u need them or anyone else.

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You can make a custom calibration for any 0-5 volt wideband output to Fcon by input AFR or Lamda and AFR volt (mV) to to conversion tables.

for LM2 - input 7.35 to first slot and input 22.39 to last slot. and then highlight all table and interpolate table by click interpolate icon as in the attached.

And Make the same way to AFR volt (mV) conversion table.

Do the same for another brand with wideband calibration data.

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what will be the value for HKS AFK I to convert to Lambda? does NTK sensor reading Lambda?

@Mohsen all wideband meters natively read in units of lambda. Basically they are telling you if there is an excess of hydrocarbons in the exhaust (rich) or an excess of oxygen (lean). Lambda 1.00 is when we have no excess of either, which is the stoichiometric AFR for the fuel being run on, hence regardless of the fuel, lambda 1.00 is always stoichiometric.

For the meter to display in AFR units, it needs to be programmed with the stoichiometric AFR of the fuel you're running.

Could someone send me V3.2 OR V3.24 software please? ( Thanks!

Not sure if someone sends you the application i cant say if that would work with your specific hardkey. I can try.

I didn't realize you needed a USB key? I currently have 3.1 and don't require a USB key to work with software...

Can anyone help with obtaining V3.2? Willing to pay for software....


I am a HKS PowerWriter, in Thailand and you have to believe Andre.... No support. They don't know anything about them product and i will not talk about tuning knowhow...

To get dongle i should sign contract and so on with the japanese headquarter.... I just use this brand because have much car who's equipped with different kind of HKS models, but most of time in use LINK. Ratio Price quality is for me very good..

Yes indeed for japanese cars HKS is easy, but don't forget now you have Kurofune Link Ecu. This ecu can be connected on the Original HKS wiring...

Having tuned several HKS FCON V Pro ECUs over the years, I'd strongly recommend anyone who is stuck for software to swap to the Link Kurofune. You'll have an advanced and modern ECU with thorough support through the built in help file or via email/phone directly from Link.