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Infinity 506 b18c oem distributor

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tried to search, did not find any related issue..

i have a AEM infinity 506 with AEM 92-95 civic harness + oem distributor adapter (PN 30-3501-00)

engine not running well [=

before i'm getting into specifics, do anyone know if i still need to reverse the distributor signal (reluctor sensor ???) to falling edge ? and if i do.. then how ? [=

aem decription..

Coil-On-Plug Ready Adapter HarnessThe ignition coil High Performance DTM-Style connectors on Honda/Acura OBDI B/D/H adapter harnesses enables racers to easily convert their race engine to coil-on-plug without having to modify the ECU’s connector or make any changes to the jumpers in the ECU. For racers who are still running a distributed ignition, an ignition coil adapter is available that plugs into the ignition coil High Performance DTM-Style connector (PN 30-3501-00, sold separately).


I found your thread on the AEM forums and replied there. Thanks for posting logs, by the way. That helps a lot.

hey SB,

thank you for your detail answer!

i will try it and will post on AEM forum.

when the problem us solved ill post the answer here.

thx !