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hey im tuning my car after two week my engine is m52 with link g4+ storm and i want to tune on traditional method the question is my injectors are pink injectors 328 bosch what is the number of pulse width master that i hould set to calculate this number based on my injectors any help.

I don't have any information on that particular injector so unfortunately I have no idea what the flow rate is. The correct master pulse width will depend on the injector size, fuel pressure, number of cylinders/injectors and how much power the engine is making. It really doesn't need to be perfect right at the initial startup though. You can get the engine running, tune the fuel table, and then make changes to the master pulse width in order to fine tune the fuel table vaues and achieve good resolution.

The procedure is explained in this webinar:

thanks a lot andre after two weeks im going to tune my car for the first time but a little confused do you recommend me to tune on traditional way or ve. and note im going to tune on the road the engine is 24 valve m52 bmw and thanks for the help

Either technique is absolutely fine. To use the VE tuning mode though you really do need to have pretty thorough data for your injectors otherwise the entire fuel model will be inaccurate. That's not to say you can't use the VE mode but the resulting VE values in the table won't be realistic.

thanks a lot andre im tuning for the first time. and with innacurate data of my injectors. so i will go with the traditional way but two question the first is if i enabled afr open loop target on traditional it will be like the ve right approx ? and second one im tuning on the road with only a wideband sensoe without audio knock detection do you think can i or i should not. ?

Yes if you enable the open loop AFR table then even the traditional mode becomes very similar to a VE model - Just that the fuel table numbers aren't a direct representation of VE.

I always recommend using audio knock detection equipment as you still need to calibrate the knock control system initially.

the audio knock control system any course about it cz no idea

We don't have a course but there is a webinar on the Plex Knock Monitor here -

You can also hear what knock sounds like here: