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Injector selection and data sheets

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only for reference I'm using a 3.5L Honda J series v6.

When setting up the injectors, or rather selecting injectors.. either way. what in your experience has been the best way to obtain injector information? Would I go to Honda? Is there a better aftermarket injector source that sells characterized injectors with data sheets? how do I size the injectors should I go aftermarket vs. the stock injectors?

Thank you for your answers in advance.


Injector dynamics are well known for Paul Yaw's work on injector characterisation, there may be others on the market but I've not seen their work.

Choosing your injector size can be a mine field, I've started using ID's on fuel flow calculator to give me a ball park of what size to go for

unfortunately for your choice of engine their smallest injectors might be too big so I'd contact the likes of ASNU to speak with their tech heads about their smaller injector sizes