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Injector timing

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Hey all,

Does anybody have any theory, calculations or general info on optimising injector pulse timing? Partucularly in relation to larger duration cams and increased overlap. I have been reading into this and its another facinating aspect i would like to grasp. I understand that if its optimised it can do wonders for drivability and emission/fuel economy when running a different (larger) cam profile.


Pretty sure I remember something about this in the EFI fundamentals module. could be wrong if you wanna start there.

Thanks Randy, I will have to go back and check through the module, i cant remember anything very specific there but i may be wrong. The area i am interested in is actual injector pulse at the correct time in relation to valve events (i.e. not when the exhaust valve is open ) it involves adjustment, amongst other things, of the injector boundry values. I hope i am making sense as i know very little about this.

Andre did a webinar on injector timing/angle. I think itll help answer some of your questions. https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/injector-timing-on-the-motec-m1/

If you get some data through your research (I have seen the webinar) please update this thread.

I have played with injector timing a bit, not gone to extreme values so no feedback to add.

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