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kess v2 will it work along side vcm suite ???

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am thinking about buying mpvi2+ vcm suite but am not too keen on using the credits system am looking for some one to shed some light on this for me as am looking at tuning older cars and the vehicle list dont seem to be very big on there been using kess v2 ecm titanium and winols to play about with my own cars but dont really have the time to be looking for the maps for customers cars as it takes some time can any one help with me with what ever they use to read the files as i need a quicker solution looking at doing vw audi and vauxhall any help to point me in the right direction thanks

Unless you have the required skills to reverse engineer the raw hex file and find maps using winols then using a commercial package like HP Tuners is probably going to be more cost effective in the long run. We don't cover anything to do with winols at this stage either so won't be able to offer any support sorry.