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Knock Monitor Pro V2 review

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Any new reviews on the Tunernerd's Knock Monitor Pro V2? Seems like some had issues others have not. Anyone with issues able to figure out the problems.

Andre, Have you spent any more time with the unit? Thoughts?

I've only spent a brief amount of time on the dyno so far but was impressed with what I've seen so far. We do plan to film some more content around the tunernerd but that may not be for a few weeks.

is that 2 weeks yet??

I'm using V1 It's really bad.

I miss my Link G4+ knock....it's really easy to use.

The old V1 is so bad it's not even sold anymore,

Knock Monitor Pro V2 on the other hand has gained much respect and is extremely accurate.

There is also Plex, and knock G4,

I believe they all have their pros and cons.

I have a v2 and for the price it is good. The headphones are crap, but i use another pair with noise filter and it works perfect.

I think it is easy to fit and get up and running. Knock is both easy to see visually and audibly.

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