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LOoking to either run Megsquirt or Haltech Elite 750 on a DSM w/ a Chrysler 420a hybrid (2.0/2.4L)

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Hey zippy here , While my Sti is kinda on the back burner for now with the situation. So Iam sorting out my brother's DSM/Chrysler engine management mess.

First the car is 98 Mitsubishi Eclipse FWD w/ the Stock 2.OL DSM head and Chrysler 2.4L block, turbocharged with all the supporting mods. My main goal is to get running by the end the summer.The Original plan was to run the stock ecu, but has since changed we realized the crank senor pickup basically wrong.Well thats what the documentation says. Would hate to waste time trying and get it limping along on the stock ecu either way.

So thats it, Iam been leaning towards the Megasquirt in a parallel with the stock ecu. While i would love to run the Haltech Elite series i think its a bit over kill for the application and budget. While Im pretty sure i can get the Megasquirt all in under budget. Also i really wanted to learn the Megasquirt system , Ive possibly got another platform that needs help. To that end I ve been putting in hours on the various forums but a lot of info is older and people have moved on from the platform and engine.Well any direction or suggestion would be appreciated

Goals, Objectives:its essentially just a street full interior and safety, I do want to run E85/Flexfuel , as its available locally .And 3 port ebcs i figure that it couldnt hurt ,though not sure if its needed

Only real features im looking for are 2 step, And possibly a Boost by Gear

Specs; Body 98 DSM

Head Ported 2l 5 angle valves job

w/titanium springs and retainers

Cams: Brian Crower Stage 2 (dont know the specs)

Block: 2003 Chrysler 2.4 bored over w/100mm Manley pistons

and Manley H beam rods stock crank

Turbo: Generic GTX3582

Intake: stock

Exhaust: Obx Turbo Manifold

Injectors:Stock SRT4's, looking to upgrade to Id1000s

fuel Aem 340

Hi Zippy,

Sounds like a pretty cool project. I was curious, Is there a reason to run the standalone ECU in parallel with the stock ecu?

While I don't have a large amount of experience with the Megasquirt compared to the likes of Haltec and Link/Vipec etc, I would suggest having a read of the links I attached below and watch the webinar.

I have also attached the practical stand alone course. Inside this course you will find practical worked examples on how to tune Megasquirt ecus along with Link G4 and G4+, AEM, Motec M1, Haltec, Syvecs so you can see how each ecu works and if one will suit your application.




Thanks man Ill check it out, Basically the body control module is kinda bake in and you will lose stuff.

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