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If it's not really about tuning or wiring. Then it belongs in here.

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hi !

Is there any posibility for the crew to do a course about this type of ECU and its program (tunerstudio)?

I think that is one of the most used ECU around the world between non profesional tuners and it is a very used ECU in cars that are very modified ( miata... american cars...)

kind regards

I hope so as well. I asked about it once before via PM I believe. I will let the guys answer though.

The good news is that we have been talking to the team at MS3Pro about getting an ECU so we can add some webinar content and worked examples into our courses. I can't promise when this will happen at this stage but we will announce when we know more.

I am very glad to hear this.

MS are very good entry ECU and perfect way to start learning about tuning ;)

YES! This would be awesome. The MS3Pro that AmpEFI/DIYAutotune puts out is a lot of bang for the buck. As many people that have these and use them, I've not been able to find a good set of instructional/hands on videos - nothing nearly as good as HPA. Please make this happen.

We're doing our best!

I sure hope so. I just pulled the trigger on an ms3 pro for my ls. Much more cost effective than the Holley setup for all of us budgeting

Yes, please?! Count me in!! I know Matt Happel (Sloppy Mechanics) is putting together a series of videos for Vimeo, but that may be a while as he has a lot on his plate right now. To have you guys do a series would be the titties! Take my money.

Hi All,

it's very nice to ear that! I have a MS3, and for what I see it's a very usefull ecu!

Hope to see a course in the next time here on HPA!

Cheers from Italy!


I have been seriously thinking about purchasing the MS3, it seems there is plenty of ongoing support and develpment.

Would love to see some content from you guys and maybe a review on Tuner studio....

Fingers crossed..


Even working with a 400 dollar microsquirt that can still handle flex fuel is kinda nice


From my low experience in engine electronics and mapping, as a user of thi ECU I can say is a very nice product. SD card built in for logging, CAN-BUS, completely configurable, check features for checking inj coil and more when engine not running, limp mode configurable, 2nd map completely different from the first, blending from 1st and 2nd map, blending from single table, boat gear by gear, als lc and roving idle flex fuel feature...and much more!

TunerStudio is very useful sw, clear and friendly, with aututune feature that can help with a map, you can use TS on a tablet, pcP cellphone, with bluetooth connection (on a cellphone you can run sw to connect on a MS3 for read parameters)...

So, I think this is a very good ECU, with a very very good price!

Just a small update here - We have a megasquirt ECU that Taz will be installing in his Mazda Miata. We will hopefully bne adding a worked example on this early in 2019. If we're really lucky perhaps Taz will present it too :)

Best Krampus ever!!! Thanks guys! Bring it on, Taz!

Just a small update here - Taz got the ECU into his car and spent a few hours on the dyno over the weekend. He picked up a healthy 11 kW which might not sound like much but in this case represented almost a 20% gain in power!

Thank you, Andre, for the update! And thank you, Taz, for doing the footwork to make it all happen. I’ve been looking for this particular ECU and software info for ages.

This sounds good! I wait a full review from you, Andre!

For most people on a budget (myself included) microsquirt which is ms2, is a go to option, so will the tuning cover ms2 or 3?