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M1 GPR Rolling Launch work around using C125

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After watching the Rolling Launch webinar I emailed Motec about the possibility of this feature being added. As always Nick B got back to me very quickly and had a few suggestions for a workaround using my current GPR firmware and my C125 dash.

Following his suggestions I built a table in the dash that will drive a rotary switch position. That rotary switch position will be controlling my "Launch aim RPM". 9 RPM breakpoints should be plenty since the window in which I plan to use a rolling launch feature is relatively small.

Haven't tested this yet but it appears to be promising. Nick setup a user condition in the dash so that once the "Launch Trigger" is activated the "Launch Aim" channel is not updated which is why I tightened up the RPM breakpoints.

I'm still hoping that Motec decides to implement a real strategy for guys like me with GPR. I'm confident my method will work, but an actual Rolling Launch strategy developed by Motec would be infinitely better.


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Very clever! Thanks for sharing.

Just tested this on the street and it work better then I ever expected it to. For a first test im very happy, it made 15psi of boost in about one second and the throttle went to the 70% target I set up (should probably lower that). The limiter was smooth and when I let go of the trigger the car accelerated HARD. It caught me off gaurd so I let out right away. Attached is a screen shot from the log. It over shot my boost target so theres more work to be done.

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That's a nice work around. If you have a MoTeC dash then there are often a variety of ways of achieving your aim. We're doing much the same in the Pikes Peak hillclimb car we support to implement a nitrous strategy that is only used for antilag. This use of nitrous in the GPRP package isn't possible.

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