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Mega log viewer custom field for AFR voltage input???

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I got a quick question about using my afr input that I am using through access tuner through my tgv right sensor voltage. As I have deleted my tgvs. It’s an 08 outback xt so cobbs custom features aren’t available for this car which sucks but I am still able to log my aem wideband through the tgv but the problem I’m having is it is only displayed as a voltage not an afr. Is there any way to make a custom field in mega log viewer to convert the voltage input into an afr??? If not I guess I’m gonna have to get a serial data converter and do it that way. Thanks in advanced!

You can do math channels in MLV HD (once you register), so you should be able to do the math to convert the voltage to AFR.

According to the X-series wideband manual, the AFR can be calculated from this formula: AFR = (2.3750 * Volts) + 7.3125. So enter "AFR" as the Custom Field Name, and let's say your voltage was named "WBVoltage", then the formula would be "(2.375 * [WBVoltage]) + 7.3125".

If you would rather have Lambda, the formula is Lambda = (0.1621 * [WBVoltage]) + 0.4990