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Mil spec connectors

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Hi gys can anyone suggest a good website got buying mil spec connectors and wiring etc. Ive trawled the web and find bits and pieces but i really want the whole package thing a specialist essentially.

Prefereably a uk site but us will also be ok.


Martin Uk

Believe it or not RS Componants supply all of this, you just need to find it on their site, which is easier said than done.

Cheers Chris

I know it's not UK based but I'd check out the prices through www.milspecwiring.com. They ship internationally and their prices are normally pretty sharp. I only suggest them as locally RS Components are very expensive for these sort of products and I'd only use them as a last resort.

There's undoubtedly more local suppliers in the UK since a lot of these products are manufactured in Europe, however I'm not aware of them.

Good German site genuine, good prices real fast delivery!


The thread got lost in the mass (this forum REALLY need a function to keep that kind of topic on top), but you should find everithing you need here:


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