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MoTeC 5 Button Rotary Keypad to C127 and CAN Network.

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Making more progress getting my M170 all set, now moving over to the C127. Not much to go on here, but slowly making progress. I've got the CAN network set to 500kbps, the LTC-D NTK configured to 500kbps, and the dash set to 500kpbs. Trying to do this so I can keep the AEM CAN port hub to bring in fuel level on the CAN Network. CAN Bus Diagnostics is all ok so far.

I configured the MoTeC 5 Button Rotary Keypad to the C127 per the instructions, and plug it into the CAN network and CAN Bus 1 Diagnostic goes to Receive Error Passive. What's this telling me? Can this key pad run on a CAN network at 500kbps? Or should I have wired this up to CAN2 on the Dash?

The rotary keypad as supplied will be at 1mbps CAN bitrate. If you haven't updated the keypad bitrate this will cause the error you are seeing.

MoTeC PDM Manager includes a configuration tool to change IDs and CAN bitrates of the Grayhill keypads.

You will need to use a MoTeC UTC to use the tool, if you don't have access to a UTC speak to your MoTeC dealer they can reprogram the keypad for you.

Hey Scott,

Thanks for the reply. I figured once I needed to configure the LTC-D down to 500 kbps to work, the keypad may need the same attention.

Thanks again for the help.


If you have other devices which will operate at 1mbps then you could use CAN 2 of the dash for this purpose. The can interfaces are isolated from one another and can be set to different bitrates

I would be leaving the LTC, Keypad and M170 at 1M for the CAN Bus, and keep them on the same bus, then have the AEM CAN Hub on the other CAN Bus in the dash at 500k. You can then use the C127 as a CAN hub to transfer data between the Buses if needed.

That's definitely another option on the table. I've made a flying lead at the dash for CAN 2 if ever needed. Would just need to adjust a little wiring and could solve this pretty quickly. Thanks for all the input guys.

For what it's worth, HPA has an awesome course on CAN bus which will help with any items you're hoping to add on.


Hey Mike,

I've dabbled a little bit in watching those courses, truthfully I probably need to revisit it now that I'm setting up the CAN networks on my setup. I was waiting about 5 months for my Motec hardware to get in. Now that its in and up and running I can actually work on setting everything up. Being the first time working on the Motec platform, its quite the learning curve, even with watching those courses. But, I'm learning a little bit each day which I'm super stoked about.


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