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Motec m600 vs Motec M1

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I was trying to buy a motec m150 but then i cant make a new harness I realized. A friend from Belgium is selling his Motec m600 fully unlocked which came off a skyline rb26 and he has also used the ecu on his car. He has a skyline with rb20det. Anyway, will i lose any cool features if i opt for this ecu just to save any cash. Motec doesnt seem to care to reply to my mail so I am left to the forum. i have r33 skyline rb25det, assuming all the rb engines use the same loom and all i have to do is plug and start the car.

In all honesty either ECU will be more than capable of operating your engine perfectly well and probably both ECUs will offer features above and beyond what you need for all but the most advanced installations. The M1 ECU for those users who are familiar with the M600 will also feel quite restrictive and locked down. The M1's fuel model can provide slightly better control over the fuel delivery as it provides complete characterisation of the injectors. This is a blessing and a curse though as you need to be using injectors where this data is available.

The M1 ECU is very early in its development path where as the M600 is basically at the end. This means that right now there is little separating the two in terms of capability. In a year or twos time I anticipate the M1 will start to show its true potential with new features being made available.

In short, either option will exceed your requirements so i would go with which one is going to be more cost effective.

Thanks Andre, although can I also ask you how to use tye timing light when starting the engine? I forgot where was the part in the course modules. I have just bought a timing light and would like to use it effectively to produce a good initial spark in the engine.

Thanks Ben,

However the one above is easily accessible the latter isn't . "Oops you have entered a restriced area" it says. As i recall when i first started to watch your videos there was a part when Andre there was a mini clip in the course where a person plugged the timing light to its terminals and the number shown on the tdc was put into the timing or something. Now i been watching your videos for hours today and cant seem to find it again.


Hi Falah,

You can simply disable the fuel delivery either through the ECU or by disconnecting the injectors and/or fuel pump. You will then be able to check the timing at cranking. It isn't 100% accurate though at crank so you will still need to correctly set the timing once the engine is up and running.

I've asked Ben to check into why you can't follow that link.

Hi Falah,

The reason you are getting the error message is because the link is to the Road Tuning course and you don't own that :)

If you want to purchase the Road Tuning course you can here: https://www.hpacademy.com/courses/road-tuning/ That being said setting the base timing doesn't vary between the courses :)



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