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Neon srt4 04 injectors tuning

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I have an 04 dodge neon srt4 and i use to have a Diablo sport for the tune and i bought a base tune from someone in the states but i have a lot of issues with the tune, so I decide to use HPTuners and fix some of them... But i cant really find the way that the PCM works with the cruising and Idle afrs, i can say that in WOT afr & timming is where i want or at least i can adjust it as i want, but, in idle or if you touch a little the gas pedal (around 1000-1300 rpms or if you try to hold it in around 3k rpms) it just leans a lot (around 17s on the wideband) and trou me a fault code "random missfire" if you just skip that parts everything else works fine...

Can some one help try to fix this?

Hello generally i would reflash a stock map before retuning with a hp tuner when you change units like you have it can cause all sorts of issues,

im not sure what point your up to trying to sort it but is it possible for you to do it ?

Regards Ross

Yes, i can use a stock map, but i dont have the stock injector neither the stock 2bar map and tip

Well i got the info for the injectors and put it in a base map and reflash it but it did not work right, it just keep a weird Idle...

Just like these


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normally when i see this idle it needs the tps recalibration done

But how do you do that? In the VCM Scaner there's no special functions available to do that

What does the factory service manual recommend? Is there a procedure to mechanically align the TPS to a known output (voltage, % or angle)?

this is the info i got from the Service manual i'm going to take a look of the parameters

The TPS output voltage to the PCM varies

from approximately 0.6 volt at minimum throttle

opening (idle) to a maximum of 4.5 volts at wide open


And also i'm going to try to adjust it manually just a little bit to see if I have a more propperly Read (i notice that the datalog reads around 14% at idle and not touching the gas pedal)

Did you resolve this issue? Our TPS at idle is 14% as well, but we can't figure out how to scale the DW750cc injectors properly in HPtuners. We changed the offset voltages and matched the fuel injector PW to fuel Mass in both the inj PW tables but trims are way off (25-30%). Any clues?

Actually i did, I call to DW and they help me out with the info of the injectors and did a couple of adjusts in the Ve table and end up with under 10% LTFT

If tou give me your email I can send the injector config