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New fly-by-wire system setup

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Should every TPS in a system have a duty and a back-up sensor fitted for redundancy/safety?

I’m setting up a V12 with Jenvey ITBs and twin electronic throttle actuators (one for each cylinder bank). At the moment I have one TPS on the pedal and one at either side of the cylinder bank (opposite side to the ETA). Three in total.

Should I also mount a TPS directly on the ETA (on each cylinder bank) and piggy back a TPS on the throttle pedal for safety?

The whole lot is being controlled by a MAXXECU Pro.


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Yes, There should be a Main and Tracking (or what Maxx names them) for each of the items in the DBW system. OEM standard practice uses both of these inputs as a constant comparison, if one of the signals deviates from the allowable tolerance, the DBW system will shut down.

I would recommend using position sensors only on the motors in your setup as the ECU is only controlling the motor, not the throttle plates themselves, so you want this to be as accurate as possible. Experience with ITB setups like this is that there is a lot of stiction and vibration through the throttle shafts, so if you are reading the positions at each end, then you can have a marked variance between each sensor, leading to the DBW control system dropping out.

Perfect thanks Stephen.

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