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Khalifa - Thanks for letting me know. I've added your Road Tuning Course. Sorry about the wait, our website contact page was broken :) Fixed now.

Dane @ CM - Thanks Dane, we are really happy with it :) Big things to come.

First of all, congratulations on the new website! this is awesome :)

Took me a while to get here cause i didnt got i to work either on my phone or tablet, and i am only so much on the computer :)

have a good one :)


Love the new site, looks very clean and easy to use, however having 1 small issue.

Trying to catch back up with my lost progress and noticed several modules are not registering as completed even after clicking next and then return to modules. My exact process is to click "watch" on the uncompleted module, then "next" then "return to modules" and it does not register as completed with the blue check mark. Thanks!

Bronze membership seems to be broken. Article limited to bronze members; become bronze member; article still limited to bronze members.

What's happening here?

Hey jockplop,

Not too sure what's gone wrong but Ben will look into it.

Thanks for letting us know.

Hi Ben,

Some more items of feedback for you.

- With the forum topics, have a link to go to to first unread post in the topic.

- With the notification emails, a link to the topic that the reply relates to.

The new layout was a little bit confusing at first, but after a little time its good. Only thing i'd like to see with the forums is a quick link for new posts since last login.

BlackRex - thanks for that. Both of those have been added for further development :)

Wrecklesscustom22 - Yes this seems to be a very popular feature and is on the list of additions.

Still can't read any Bronze Member articles..what's up there?


First I really like the new website. Much faster than the old and can also be read with a smartphone.

Just a small thing, that I found. If I make a post, it shows me just after that it was 12 hours ago. I have set my location to europe/zuerich, where I'm located. Not sure if that should work this way.

@jockplop - We are still working on this one. This guy should be fixed very soon.

@Adrian - I'm aware of the Forum timezone issue. We have it on our to-do list :)

Thanks :)

Ben & Andre,

Thoroughly enjoying the site - wish I would have found you guys earlier! Really digging into the webinars. I find myself 'rewinding' a few seconds back to either re-listen to grasp a concept, write notes/sketches, or make sure I heard something right - is it possible to put a ~10 second rewind button on the video interface? Although I've never seen it on a video-cast before I have seen it on podcasts. Just a thought and thank you for the efforts thus far.

Hi bealljk - I'm really happy you are enjoying our content. We are using Vimeo as our video player and we don't have the ability to add a ~10 back button. However I just had a play around and if you have "in" the video window you can use the arrow keys to step back a couple of seconds at a time. Which could be helpful?

Thanks for all your feedback on the website. We've almost worked through the list of bugs and everything seems to be working just about how we want it.

Quote: Jean Niemi: Noticed, that the post I made 2 mins ago, shows to be made 11 hours ago in front page. Not a big deal, but shows how the time zones are taken differently in different pages.

Related to the above, I'm seeing the forum index saying posts in a section made minutes ago, but then clicking into the section the post shows as 12 hours old...

Forum index....

section page....

Presumably its similar for everyone not in the NZ UTC+12:00 timezone.

I am really looking forward to more webinars.

I need my fix

Hi Ben / Andre

Just wanted to say.....

Im Liking the Clean Clinical Look and Feel of the new website guys. Great Job. and Great Content as always.

May the Boost be with us all :)

Steve @ FC

Thanks Steve! Appreciate the feedback :)

Hi Guys,

I have just noticed that there seems to be double up's of the forums. ie. 2x road tuning etc. In the Course Specific Discussion.

I don't know if its for everyone, but certainly a few double ups on my screen!

Loving the new site.


Trying to cancel membership for the last 3 days with no response can someone please help with this issue.

Have you emailed Ben?

Thanks Michael, I've emailed 1egalefan. Cheers.

Ben what's going on with the vimeo player I've just watched 47 mins of the dyno video and it sent me back to the homepage now when I click the video to go to 47 mins where I left off it just redirects me back to the homepage so I have got to watch all 47 mins again?!?!

Yes, I have this issue too and it is very annoying. I hope it can be fixed soon.

Website looks fab but things id payed for when the old site was running I no longer have access too