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Piston engine tuning to rotary

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Difference in tuning a piston engine to rotary, looking for some advise or reading material on tuning rotary engines. Iv only ever tuned piston engines and now have a customer that wants a rotary done. Not sure if I should do it or not. It’s got a microtech which iv tuned before so any help would be great cheers.

Fundamentally its the same. Just remember that they're thirsty, are unforgiving with timing, and it's generally not necessary to chase timing after torque peak.

Hi Will, despite the obvious differences in engine operating principles, the rotary engine does respond in a very similar way to both fuel and ignition timing as a piston engine. The areas to watch are that you'll want to run richer AFR targets than what you could safely use on a piston engine and you'll also need to be more conservative with timing as rotary engines don't like knock. Check out the two webinars we have in the archive covering some rotary specific topics.



I was a bit worried about leading and trailing timing and the gap between or even if both have tables to tune in the microtech

In the microtech you have a slightly more simplistic approach to the trailing spark and there is a 2D table called 't-gap map' which defines the trailing timing relative to leading and rpm. The webinar will still be helpful with this map. Remember that reducing the trailing gap has the same effect as advancing the timing overall so a little care is required.