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2014 mustang 5.0 manual, vortech v3 supercharger kit with boss 302 intake and long tube headers. Tuning with hp tuners. It is a customer car, i did the sc kit install and built the base tune myself.

Car is running well on the street and currently making 523hp and 424ftlbs on the dyno(i know its capable of more just havent gotten there yet) but Ive got an issue where most of the time it doesnt want to go into power enrichment when the pedal % in the enrichment pedal vs. rpm table is exceeded. Tuning on the dyno, I had dropped all values in that table to 10% and would go into pe every time, however when set higher it is hit or miss. It seems to enter pe easier when rolling into throttle rather than faster rate of change. With the enable pedal value set to something like 60%, going from part throttle to WOT very quickly it will remain in stoic, however easing into it will usually result in entering at +-10% higher than the enable value.

Also have an issue of the throttle only opening to about 76% at WOT and at about 6k rpm will start dropping down to about 40%. Im pretty sure both of these issues are related to torque tables/values but just not sure exactly where or what to change. This is my first time tuning a late model ford so how exactly these torque tables work and what all they effect i am still a bit confused on. Also any suggestions on getting them dialed in without a dyno capable of load control would be greatly appreciated.

I dont see it exceeding the current torque table values but maybe theyre set too high?

I have attached my tune, a log of street driving with pe enable pedal values set same as attached tune where it briefly enters pe at low-mid throttle(02:55.7) and doesnt enter pe at 99.5% throttle(7:30.8), and a log of a dyno run with pe enable pedal values set to 10%.

I do have more logs if needed.

Thanks in advance

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