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Racelogic traction control VS Haltech Elite VS Link G4 vs EMU Black vs....

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Hi, guys! This is my first post on this forum. I'm building my own Toyota Supra and now i'm on the way to standalone ECU.

Now I have Racelogic Traction Control installed and in my opinion this is awesome product. If you want more details about it you can find it in google, but here the key features:

1) It reads and analyzes wheels speed difference between front and real axles (OEM ABS Sensors)

2) It can be adjusted or turned off on the go by remote adjuster

3) It cuts fuel pulses instead of ignition adjust so it is safe

4) It can be used for Launch control

5) Cut aggressiveness could be tuned.

As I plan to install 8hp70 zf transmission which required separate ECU i want to minimize separate ECU count in the car (3 programmable ecus are too much :))

I saw this thread about Link G4 , but I think it might be interesting to compare with other ECUs

Please share you experience. I know, for example, that Traction in AEM EMS 2 is dreadful and absolutely cant be compared to RLTC

Not really answering your question, but more an FYI since the thread you linked to discussing the G4+ TC is quite old. Since that post we have improved traction control significantly in our G4X ecu's. It is now a full torque management based model that uses a combination of cuts, retard, boost control and E-throttle control to control torque/slip (you specify if and how much of each works at which rate). Also we have added extra slip tables you can switch between (for instance wet/dry) and overlay tables (for instance steering angle vs lat G overlayed on speed vs TC pot or whatever you want), the ECU's also now have 3 axis accelerometers built-in so you can use these as part of the strategy. We have also added related functions such as the ability to switch between two different tyre/wheel sizes for wet/dry or road/race or whatever. Have also added some smart tricks such as the ability to use the accelerometers to determine which wheel to base slip calculations on when cornering with an open diff car (always use the outside wheel).

In regards to Race logic using fuel cut, be aware that fuel cut is typically not particularly good for strategies where you need instant torque reduction such as gear shift cut or TC, remember fuel is injected on the intake stroke before combustion so when you cut fuel you don't get instant torque reduction - you still have a full engine cycle of full torque produced after the cut which means slip is not arrested quickly. The same situation applies on recovery, when you remove the cut, the ecu has to wait until the next SOI event to inject fuel, then you don't get any power recovery until a full engine cycle after that.

I think when the race logic was released most of the "clubman" level/affordable ecus didn't have or had extremely basic TC strategies and even as fuel only it was miles ahead. Given where ecus are now and the whole torque management with boost/throttle/retard/cut it seems pointless running an additional ecu that doesn't have as many options in tuning its behaviour.

@Slides I agree, but RLTC was installed years ago and in general works flawlessly, but I want real experience of different ECUs TC. I believe this is interesting not only for me