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Retarding Ignition Timing

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So I see all these crazy flame maps using the UPRev tuner I took my EFI tuning classes and I was just wondering how that is usually done, I know the timing is being retarded but is the fueling cut on decel being canceled as well. And for a VQ HR how many - degrees of timing is too much. I was wondering how tuners were able to hold the flame as well. I was wondering because I am trying to tune my IPL G37S to have flames in one of the maps.

Those maps are very bad for your car. You are esentially setting off explosions of unburnt fuel imside your exhausts. Those explosions that usually happen inside a cylinder have enough power to propel a car forward are now happening inside your exhaust. It wil destroy and melt the cat also. The timing basically just retards to the point where the fuel passes out the exhaust stroke into the manifold and the valve closes. The heat from the exhausts ignites the fuel vapor. And you get what we call pops ane bang maps. To the people who know tunes you are just advertising how little you care about your car. Or thats how it is where i live anyway. Its best to tune for efficiency rather than entertainment

You may wish to re-consider why you want to do that - other than the 'wank' factor if you're into that, I can't see any good reason and a LOT of reasons not to do it!

I'd add the increased probability of destroying the turbo-charger(s) as the impellors are exposed to much higher temperatures, the manifolds can crack, the increased radiant heat can melt nearby parts - even set them on fire, the entire exhaust system will run much hotter than intended and there isn't the under-body airflow to help cool it - which can set the car on fire, depending on the tailpipe configuration, the flames can... set things on fire (you've probably seen some of those videos), and not the least is that it attracts the wrong sort of attention from both sides of the law - thieves who may steal your car and police who will cite you for noise and whatever other offences they may find.

If you piss of your neighbours, you may run into other issues, like a run of flat tyres where the tyre valve mysteriously unscrews itself, or the exhaust being plugged by potatoes. many years ago, an old friend who was a VERY tough, hard case, ex-military guy got pissed with some of his neighbours hooning late at night, disturbing his kids'sleep (and his), and had 'a talk' to them - while he was trailing brake fluid over their cars' bodywork.. One of the nicest guys you could meet, but he took no sh*t - and did I mention he was tough?

I understand but that's what's been requested by a bunch of people asking me to tune their cars, I understand it's not good for the car but I just wanted to try it on mine before I went and did it on someone else, I heard that all it does dilute and burn the oil in the HR so frequent oil change is necessary but other than that should be too bad for the car as long as it's done moderately and lots of known VQ tuners in the states charge extra for it so I am sure it's extremely popular would I do it to any of my cars for a long period of time, no but I am still interested in how it works.

So try it. Since you don't care about damaging the car, there are no limits. Add fuel in the operating condition you want flames, and retard spark. Replace parts.

Ah, make sure you have your customers sign documentation absolving you of any damage that may occur, if you do do it to their vehicles.

There may well be some oil dilution as un-burned fuel condenses on the cylinder walls and makes it's way past the rings, the condensation will also dilute the lubricating film and potentially accelerate bore and ring wear.

I'd add using an ignition hard cut to the enrichment and retarding of the ignition - for flames you also want there to be an excess of fuel and a lot of heat, so when it's exposed to additional oxygen as it leave the tail-pipe it ignites, burning off any excess carbon/carbon monoxide and maybe even hydrogen.

When guys ask me to tune their cars for flames and pops, i always try to talk them off that idea for exactly the same reason- it looks cool but at very high price... The only time when i do that is for a friend of mine with rally Evo that benefits quicker boost build up during deceleration...