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Ok so I am trying to tune a really precise rev limiter in a car honestly I am a little scared it will over rev. I feel like I have the percent cut and end cut to high and maybe a the exit decay. To me seems like the cut isn't stable at all due to the mentioned being to hi.

Anyone have any advise on this for me ecu is a link g4+

attached a couple screen shots.

Thanks in advance

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My advice is to work on tuning your settings at a lower RPM (like 3000, or 3500). Verify you are getting the behavior you want, then increase it to your real target (i.e. 7700) and retest.

Other thing, the rev-limiter will behave differently unloaded (ie, free-reving), than when it has a load (i.e. the car is actually accelerating against a load). Again, testing at lower RPM will make this tuning less traumatic.

Are you trying to actively bounce off this limit regularly or is this just in case of accidental overrev?

Thanks for the reply guys.

Trying to bounce quickly. I am finding that the rev limit strategy in link platform is kinda of tricky and difficult. I would like it to bounce just not as severe, more of a softer bounce.

Have you watched Andre's webinar? May be useful for you:

You'll find that as you extend the control range the limiter action will become smoother. Try that and make sure you watch the webinar Rob has listed above.