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Rotary Coolant Pressure same as piston?

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Actually I have listened to podcast 048 with Cody Phillips talking about 2JZ... He monitors coolant pressure which is already something new to me since I am a beginner.... Coolant pressure would get high with boost if headgasket is not sealing properly due to high boost... can the same be applied to rotary since we have a weak water seal and water channel is kinda a weak point on the 13B.... could this be an indication or water seal about to go bad other than actually looking at the coolant for clarity?

Yes, exactly the same principle.

We monitor coolant pressure to detect leaks, too! A coolant system without pressure (and maybe without coolant), will often not be detectable with temperature alone (sometimes temps are only 90-100c), so a pressure sensor and alarm are critical to avoiding engine damage due to a leaking hose, or rock strike to a radiator.

Thanks guys.... Learned something new... I will look into getting a sensor for coolant pressure then. Thanks again.

Yes, its the same principal however as with most things rotary related if you can detect it, its generally too late - once there has been a breech of the seal in the combustion area its hosed and complete rebuild time unlike a 'lift' of a piston engines head.

I still use them on my bigger rotary builds however they're sort of in the same bin as knock sensors: any bit of safety and info is great, but if I had to choose I'd spend my time and effort elsewhere.

Yes... Agreed..... But its sort of a self relief kinda thing for me as I got my car for like half price off a friend.. cause its been overheated once.. because the fan motor wire actually melted... the overheating always pops up my mind maybe this is a way to confirm or to tell me if there is any damage or has been damaged already... Coolants been ok.... not as like super clear and no deposits or anything but a tiny splash of gunk like material around the oil filler cap actually... Being my first rotary... I am not sure if thats normal

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