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Sensor ground on Vi-PEC V88

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I am installing two sensors to my V88, an oil pressure and fuel pressure sensor. I see in the help section that all sensors must be connected to the sensor ground, which I see is a pinout. How do I ground my two new sensors to the sensor ground pinout?

Normally you if you have a 3 wire sensor, you would have a 5 volt supply from your ECU, a ground from your ECU. and a reference signal wire back to your ECU. The grounds and 5 volt can both be common, and you can splice off of these but obviously the signals must be kept separate.

This was originally my first thought, but I was refraining from cutting and splicing my adapter loom. Are there any other methods or is this the only way ?

Unfortunately at some point you will need to splice into the 5V and sensor 0V to add new sensors. There isn't any real way around this unless you are running the V88 as a plug-in model. in this case there is an expansion port on the board that you can access. This has a sensor 0V and a couple of spare inputs on it.

Thanks for the reply Andre. I don't think I have the plug in Vi-PEC as I have an adapter harness that pugs into my engine (Which is a Yamaha SHO Jetski engine). One more question though. Where can I buy pins for my Vi-PEC as I have to connect the signal wire to one of my analog inputs.

I was having a read in this thread and it was an excellent read.


But I still am unsure which pins and which crimping tool to buy exactly for my V88.

Thanks for all the help

The Vipec uses a very common AMP connector which is also used by Motec and Haltech (among others). The easiest approach would be to talk to a local dealer of any of these brands. They should be able to help you out.

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