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SR20 VET, Haltech Elite 1500, RPM/Ignition Issues

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Trying to figure out what I'm missing. 1997 240sx, just completed a SR20VET swap (built by Mazworx). Got all the sensors, etc... fitted and calibrated. IC-7 dash fires up with ECU and displays all information. Trying to get base timing down but cannot even get to the point of using a timing light. Injectors disabled and engine cranks strong but there is no RPM displayed and the coil pack wiring does not show any voltage (it's off per NSP). I think that I am missing something for my trigger and home but have tried multiple set-ups via NSP with no luck. Banging my head against a wall at this point. Just want to get this thing running!



Haltech Elite 1500 and IC-7 Dash (all Haltech sensors, etc...)

Mazworx 60-2 Trigger and Single Pickup on Exhaust Cam for Home

Wiring Specialties Pro Harness

Injector Dynamics 1700x Injectors / R35 COP Coilpacks

Tried multi-tooth and multi-missing set ups with no luck.

Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

Is there a scope function on the Haltech? Looks like a trigger issue as you have no RPM in the software, maybe wiring related. I had an issue with a WS Pro harness last month, either the customer didn't state that he had a RB25 NEO CAS or WS mixed up the CAS wiring but it was wired as a non-NEO CAS.

Also, in the Mazworx Cam/crank trigger kit, according to their documentation the cam sensor is Hall effect which require a pull up resistor enabled, and the crank sensor is a magnetic reluctor that doesn't require the pull-up.

If you want you can attach your tune and a cranking log and I can try to assist you.


Hey Frank, thanks for the quick info on it. Was searching around most of today to try and get somewhere with it. Figured out the crank sensor was not wired correctly, as you mentioned. Re-pinned it real quick and finally got it working as it should. Now time to start in on the timing and possibly have it running this afternoon (fingers crossed).

Thanks again!

Got it to fire once and then it dies.

After setting it up, hooked up the timing light and got TDC Angle at 80 for TDC and set the firing angle to 15. It'll fire once then no more. Back to the drawing board I guess. For some reason I cannot attach my map here as well.

Added in 360 for the TDC angle and boom! (Good boom, not bad boom, haha) Runs. Now I just have to chase down a small drip (pretty certain it is the block breather tube) and get the engine broken in and ready to tune.

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