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starting a 2001 Camaro ls1 speed destiny tune

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Recently have installed a d1sc procharger with a 3.85 pulley and been working on tuning it. I have been slowly debugging the car and believe the tune is very conservative to get slowly get me there without making a window in my block.


5.7 ls1 bored over .030

Forged rods and pistons. -3.2cc

ls6 intake, 1.75" long tube headers, 3" straight exhaust


DEKA 60ibs injectors

93 octane

duel gss340(walbro)

Holley boost reference fuel regulator (58psi base pressure unhooked vac)


Is it possible to use the maf for lower rpm and ignore it when above 6-8psi of boost?


The log I have added is after a couple drives around the blocks while dialing in the ve for part throttle under 2400rpm

The current tune is also added. I would have more but the laptop died. The Maf is turned off in both the log and tune.

Changes also in typed in calibration log (messy I know)

Mainly looking for advice. I feel like i am on the right track.

Stock tune also added.

layout also added.

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