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Steady state tuning until 2/3 max rpm?

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Hi guys! Andre said he uses steady state mapping until 2/3 of max rpm. Is it dangerous to use steady state for above 2/3 rpm? I am from motorcycle tuning world, so if you have any experience - please share it!

And second question is about steady state runs vs inertia. Is it more about convenience of tuning or also steady state simulates different loads? (so tune is closer to road conditions)

Go until either the engine can't remain cool long enough to tune it steady state, or the dyno can't control the engine speed accurately. I agree that 1/2 to 2/3 of the rev range is typical.

I tune motorcycle engines (Suzuki GXSR-1000 and Yamaha R1) that are used in car applications (Prototype-style sports racers).

I understand that due to the cost inertia dyno's are all some people can afford. And they are great for running a race car when you can't get to the track. If forced to use that for tuning, then I would build tools (like an adjustable throttle stop) that allowed me to make repeatable runs at less that WOT. I consider a professional tuner will aspire to have professional tools, and to me that means a load-controlled dyno, which allows you to simulate almost any condition.

You tune that bike engines also until 1/2 to 2/3?

I use load dyno,but i try to understand if it's any reason (i think it is) for load tuning of high rpm range. Or ramp run is just enough for upper rpm range?

Our cars race for 30-45 minutes at 6k-12k RPM. Yes, I work the part throttle tuning at 6-8k RPM, because they operate there on track.