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Strange Trim Activity, Engine Breaking

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I am so close to getting my SD tables all dialed in on my Focus ST (Via COBB software) and I am seeing this last anomaly where my trims spike up to +30% (the max currently set in the fuel trim tables). Looking at this log from my drive into work this morning it looks like it happened under the following conditions:

Cruising (Trims are fine)

Let off throttle, engine braking down through the rev range (trims are fine)

Depressed clutch, coasting out of gear (Trims go through the roof positive)

Engage clutch, revs come back up and trims return to normal

It looks like when the ECU has to go from fuel cut (coasting in gear) to turning the injectors back on to control idle once I take the car out of gear is where the issue happens. Is this a glitch I should feel safe ignoring - or something I should dig into?


Log snapshot attached

EDIT: Engine BRAKING not breaking...

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This seems to be an intermittent thing, and doubting its in any way dangerous but still curious as to what could be causing it - so bumping this up :)

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