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Target AFR for a turbo BRZ / 86

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Hi All,

Have recently installed a turbo on a BRZ, stock FA20 motor. I am using a modified version of the bullet supercharger base map.

ZA1JA01G-BULLET-supercharger-example.bin - found here

Running gasoline and currently targeting 11.2 - 11.5 AFR at WOT. Have an AEM wideband hooked up to verify.

My question is, is this a suitable AFR to be targeting at WOT? I understand there is no blanket AFR to target for each application but how would I know what is optimal.

Will I need to install an EGT sensor? Is it essential to have an EGT? Or is it enough to be targeting 11.2 ish?

This is probably a really basic question and already asked before, but I am looking for confirmation or some resources on this topic.



Hello Chris

I personally run 11.7 comfortably on these engines

Regards Ross