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Hey all,

I really enjoy all the info here - great job !

A few things I think would be nice to learn more about:

1. Idle ! Open and Closed loop, It is notable in its absence.

2. Megasquirt !, tell us a little about it and what are the differences from a big brand ECU. (webiners with it would be great too)

3. Special I/O setups.

Keep it up !

Hey Elior, I know Andre has not had much experience with Megasquirt Ecu's but I can help a little with my limited experience.

Firstly I really hate the name Megasquirt, its been brought up with them so many times but they dead set on keeping it... mainly because everyone keeps telling them to change it I think...

It has almost every feature you can think of... And it has had many advanced features for years that other mainstream ecu's have only just added to theirs (Haltech im looking at you) I remember playing with tuning on my first car when I was 18 (2004) and it had full wide band auto tune function something that has only just come out on the haltech Elite series.

Since its a open source ECU there are a multitude of developers writing their own code for certain functions/features... They get uploaded and if it works and proves popular Mega squirt will incorporate it into their official code.

They are very very well priced... If you choose to build it yourself (ie actually solder the components to the board) then its cheaper again. Even their plug and play ecu's are only $800.00USD on average.

Their newest flagship model "MS3-Pro" is only $1200.00USD

Just to name a few features that you only find on the higher end of mainstream ecu's. They have all the normal features as well.

-12x Injector outputs (unused outputs used as I/O's)

-8x Ignition outputs (unused outputs used as I/O's)

-4-Channel VVT Control

-Internal SD Card locking

-Traction control

-Flex fuel


-launch control

-Drive by wire

-Anti-lag, rally anti-lag, rotational idle

-2 Channel intelligent knock control

-CAN Support

One of the standout features that Ive not seen on any other ecu is their comprehensive test mode for all the ecu outputs including a built in oscilloscope style trigger logger.

There is quite a steep learning curve, and alot to learn... altho they have vastly improved the manuals in recent times. And there is a very active and informed forum base. Including the developers them self answering alot of questions

MS is aimed at the DIY tuner... someone who can take the time to learn all about it.

The problem with it and the reason it is not popular with most mainstream retail tuners is alot of times someone will buy one of the many versions... try and install it and tune it themself, realise they are in over their head and take it to a tuner, who 90% of the time has no experiance with it... The original installer has made a small mistake with the wiring which can take ages to diagnose.. There is a extreme multitude of firmware versions which all have different features and can have quite extreme changes between them.

If you search Mega Squirt on youtube there is heaps of video's explaining each feature and how to use it... just be sure to delete you search history afterwards to avoid awkward arguments with your missus asking why you are googling megasquirt ;)

I'm a MS head myself and I think it would be great learning about it here too.

My wife know all about my Megasquirt problem :)

A few years ago i tried to install megasquirt software and found out that there was no base map in it for the car i

wanted to tune. Offcourse as a tuner i have to have the ability to make a base map but still i was shocked.

As stated by VIPER , it is open source . It is similar to evo stock ecu tuning ; Tephra mod... People keep developing new codes and if it works you see a patch and new xml file.

Yep very DIY in that regard too. and there is no hand holding with some of the setting in quite obscure locations/submenus...

If I had to sum it up I would say its pretty much like Apple Vs Andriod

Hi elior77,

Thanks for your input. We have already run a couple of webinars covering aspects of idle speed control that you can watch by following the links below:



These may be of some help to you and I can certainly look at running some more.

To date we've had little to do with megasquirt simply because they aren't a popular option here in NZ (and Australia too for that matter). We do have plenty of requests for material covering megasquirt however we're also trying to balance what we can realistically achieve/produce as ultimately we're just two guys. It's a product we'd like to add to our range but I can't promise when that may happen.

As far as a comparison between megasquirt and mainstream ECU brands goes, I generally suggest that if you're very technically minded and prepared to invest time in learning the product then the megasquirt is a great and cost effective option. If on the other hand you're new to tuning and feel like you'll need a little more hand holding then you may benefit from a little more direct manufacturer support. I can't speak to much about the capabilities of the megasquirt as I've had little to do with them. The functionality of their newest units on paper however is great.

I like Viper's 'apple vs android' statement.

As I said during today's Webinar, record your catch up session at the start of the webinars and post them here or on the HPA Facebook page, I believe that it would also be a good sales hook, so that non members can get an idea of what is done here.

Great suggestion blackrex. Ben and I are currently feeling out a bit of direction for the live show vs what we're doing pre-webinar.

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