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They say necessity is the mother of all invention...

Been doing abit of road tuning lately and find it tricky to hold the throttle at a set position with one eye on the laptop screen and the other on the road... the cruising ranges are not so bad and 100% is obviously easy but the 40, 50, 60, 70, 80, 90 are quick tricky...

Soooo I made this... I wanted something simple that I could knock up quite quickly... also install/removal is easy with just 2 screws locating it to the dash. the base is sat firmly against the car floor to support the weight. And as luck would have it one of the knobs from my bad saw was the exact thread I was using.

As you can probly tell from the photos, turning the knob at the top causes the threaded section with the bar sticking out under the pedal to move up and down so I can dial in what TPS % my throttle is at when I go "full throttle"

Being a RB26 and my tune load axis being over TPS this will be really helpful :)

Novel concept Viper! Not something I've ever considered to be honest. I generally find that a combination of left foot braking and smooth and steady application of the throttle allows me to access all the cells quite accurately, although if you're basing your tables on TPS and using tight zoning then yes, it can be trickier.

I guess ultimately what ever works for you :)

it was more the higher TPS % area's... I was finding it quite hard to hold it at say 70% and use the brake to hold, while watching the laptop and the road.

Now I basically just set the pedal to 70% and do ramp runs :)

I know I probly dont have to be as exact in the 50-60-70-80-90 tps zones as they would generally just be transient zones... but since its my own car and ive got all the time in the world to tune it why not :)