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Hi everyone I'm really struggling with an RB25DE+T tuning on and auto box. When the car is cruising it feels great and responsive but when you go to wide-open throttle and the car comes into boost it feels as if the car is being held back. The AFR is sitting between low 12s to high 10s depending on the boost level timing starts around 25 degrees and drops down to 15 degrees under high rpm and full load. I have tried running slightly leaner AFRs even adding a few degrees but the car just feels dead under boost. The motor isn't running very high boost only 0.8bar. I'm quite stumped, will the torque converter affect how the power is delivered? maybe I am just used to power delivery through a manual box

R34 GTT auto



1000cc injectors

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Hello can you post your map on here ?

Attached is the timing map and fuel map

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Has no one got any ideas?