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Tuning process for boost by gear

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If you are tuning an engine that will see 30psi total boost and is using a boost by gear strategy, what is your tuning process. Do you tune part throttle and the tune 30 psi flat out and then go back and check 10-15-20-etc psi or do you tune for example 10psi then 20psi then 30 psi and interpolate? Thanks

If it was me tuning, i would do the part throttle, and then do the lowest boost possible, and ramp it up a bit at a time, tune the appropriate cells as you go. It is going to pass thru some of the previous cells as it makes its way to the 30 psi, so, you want to have those tuned IMO.

I agree with 13bjunkie,

I tend to start at wastegate spring pressure and I will slowly increase boost and tune each zone as I go. Usually after doing wastegate spring pressure I extrapolate up what I think the engine is going to want fuel delivery wise and can get it pretty close to begin with.

Also we you do it this way you can start building your wastegate DC map as you will know that (example) 20% is 20psi, 35% is 25psi, 50% is 30psi etc etc

I'd start by watching the Turbo Tuning webinar here: https://www.hpacademy.com/previous-webinars/085-turbo-tuning-basics/

This will give you a good basis for tuning any turbo engine regardless whether you're using gear dependent boost or not. It's always safest to start with the minimum amount of boost you can achieve and start building up from there as this will result in the minimum amount of stress being placed on the engine while you're getting your tune dialled in.

I'd also suggest taking a look at our boost Control course as this covers aspects such as gear dependent boost tuning.

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