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Hi, perfect webinar!

At first necessary to get fine tune (fuel and ignition) in all map cells with low boost (turbo - spring setup)

After that starting to find necessary boost levels with best DC for boost levels (open loop)

From how much throttle position would be best to start going up in boost (more than standart - spring boost)

AIM boost with more solenoid DC start to achive with 70-80 % of throttle?

What suggestions?

Using Motec

Thank You!

Hi, thanks for your comments.

If you jump into the upcoming webinars section, you will see that we are running a webinar on setting up boost control in the M1 on February 25th. This will answer all your questions i believe as well as showing you how to approach the tuning.

In general I suggest starting with your PID settings set to zero to force the ECU into open loop. From here we set the feed forward table to achieve as close to target boost as possible. Next you can start adding in some P, I and D gain to help correct any error. Most people make the mistake of not spending the time in the open loop table and hence the closed loop system has more work to do. This makes it much harder to achieve smooth control.