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VE car will not run after upgrading injectors

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hey guys, having a issue on a buddy’s mk4 supra. He’s running a haltech platinum 2000 and was running id 1000’s and now he swapped in fic 2150’s and a new engine harness from tweakd as the old harness was from a different company and had a lot of issues. Being that the fuel map is VE based, I figured that there shouldn’t be much adjustment needed if any at all but now the car will not run. Just to get it to idle I had to remove 50% of the fuel map out at idle which is way to much. I’m thinking the issue may be something else other then injectors, what are your guys’s Thoughts? Not looking for a troubleshooting answer as I know the post is vague, but just want clarification that if the car ran fine on the same map with the smaller injectors that it should run with the bigger injectors

Did you change both nominal flow and dead times? Most likely is that nominal flow and dead times weren't perfect originally and in changing injectors the new values are not right. Dead times make a big difference to idle on large injectors.

If you had to remove 50% at high load i would say the new loom was set up semi sequential but I think that is unlikely.

I did input the correct dead time that came with the new injectors as Initially thought the same thing As you, but it did not make a difference. But I’m unfamiliar with nominal flow, what is that exactly? I don’t recall seeing that on the haltech

I think you probably need to update the "Injector Flow Rate", found under the Fuel section. That does not show up unless you've selected Tuning Method of VE in the Main Setup->Basic

Alright David, I will look into that. Thank you very much