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Which standalone ECU

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Hello all

At a point with my project where i need to purchase a EFI system. What ecu would you guys recommend ? Car in question is a Golf VR6 Turbo

pretty broad question I'd say. there are some things to check/consider before deciding on a specific standalone unit as not everything is perfect for one specific application.

first figure out the basics - who is going to tune? if you're going with a professional shop, sit down and talk to them about the project and what's involved, they may prefer a brand they're familiar with. this brand may meet everything you're expecting the ECU to do.

on that route, usually all other questions will be answered during that meeting, like input/outputs, budget and things like that.

if on the other hand you're going to tune it yourself, you should take out a pen and paper and go over those things.

usually the list of ECUs that meet your criteria will get pretty small by that which will really help out making the decision.

hope that road map gives you a bit of an idea.

Thank you for the reply, i will tuning it my self but im a novice so im sure i will need help from third parties eventually. After doing the EFI fundamentals course i really like the idea of VE fuel model based ecu

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