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WOLF 3D v4 idle control control

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Greetings Gents,

I hope this note finds you well.

My car is tuned and dyno tuned already. I am running E85 full time,

I am trying to learn more about the tuning process and the ecu. Yes, i know it is old tech.

I did not know this when i bought it. My issue is when the temp gets cold the car is hard to start even with an PWM Ford IAV.

Typical behavior of the car on a cold day cutting off after it starts. It will also read very lean(17.1) and struggle to stay idling until it warms up enough for me to pump the gas pedal. After a few blips it will stay idling. I am using an Optima dry cell battery that has seen better days so the CCA is not what it used to be. It cranks slow and then speed up lol.

The car is not daily driven and is parked for the Winter season. It is horrifically cold here at this time. Also the temp reading is in celcius I don't see any way to change it to Fahrenheit. I had difficulty finding the software for this ecu and by the time I did i had parked the car for Winter, so i cannot post a screen shot at this time. Any ideas when I can look to help the idle issue?


My own experience with the Wolf 3D brand has been very limited unfortunately.

From your explanation though, some of your issues may simply be due to running E85. It is a notoriously difficult fuel to light off during cold starting. This is only amplified if your ambient temperatures are getting down around freezing and this is why pump E85 in cold climates usually uses a winter blend that contains less ethanol.

That being said you may still be able to get an improvement in performance. Normally E85 requires additional cranking enrichment, additional warmup enrichment and perhaps also some additional post start enrichment - basically more of everything. Particularly if your wideband is registering 17:1, I would say you cold start enrichment tables need some work. If the engine is truly this lean, you won't be able to compensate for this with your idle air control settings.

Start by making changes in 10% increments and test the results. If you go too far you do risk having the engine overfuel and foul the plugs during cranking so you want to creep up on the correct settings and note each time you make a change if it is an improvement.

Thank you Andre.

Your reply was helpful.

I will look at the software tonight to see if I can find the cold start table.

Best Regards


I found the engine temp settings.

Still have not visited the car but i was playing with the software on my laptop and did this. Spring is approaching so i want to make time to start playing with cold start before it gets too warm. it is about 45 degrees now.