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Degree wheel moved ?

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When showing the reading on the degree wheel at 5:37 is different than the one at 5:39.

Originally the black numbers increase from left to right, and at the close up at 5:39 the black numbers decrease from left to right.

What is the cause of the discrepancy ?

Might help if you gave a link to the video in question.

However, it is normal for a degree wheel to count from a "zero", which represents TDC and is normally set to that for all timing operations, to the left and right, to indicate degrees before and after the TDC. I expect it is as simple as the degree wheel being in two different positions as the crankshaft was turned between filming at those times.

Thank You for your reply.

the video in question is “HOW TO DEGREE A CAM”

Take a look at the referenced points in time.

Thanks !

I'm sorry Felipe but I'm confused. In our 'How to Degree a Cam' course there is no individual video called 'How to degree a Cam'? Please just link the URL for the video in question and I'll be happy to clarify.

[cough] [/cough] ;-) But that's a bit of me being a smart-ass :-D

The video I think he's referring to is this one - as it meets his description.

Felipe, yes, the crankshaft has been rotated and André actually stated that. If you're still confused, and the video didn't make it clear, by measuring the same amount of travel of the DTI, at two different crankshaft positions, you will have two values for the camshaft position at that lift, relative to the crankshaft, which can be used to double check the camshaft timing.

Gord, thank you for the clarification.

I did miss the part in which he states that the crankshaft had been rotated.

It makes sense now.

My apologies.