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Introduction to Engine Tuning

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I am starting tuning and am just out of tuner school, I am tuning other people's car and have people asking me for a Dyno tune. How much should I expect another shop to charge me for after hours use

I would charge extra for after hours, weekend days would be OK. It would annoy the neighbors since I don't have a sound controlled dyno cell.

I expect the cost would vary depending on where in the country you are, quality of the dyno facility and how much demand there was for the dyno time. I could see it being anywhere from $50 (one hour job), to $600 - $1000/day.

The negotiated price on anything is what someone is willing to pay, and someone is willing to take.

If we're renting out the dyno we book it at a rate similar to if we were tuning as we need to operate it for the customer and with someone straight out of tuner school we'd also be, for want of a better word, nannying them.

If we can leave the tuner to operate the dyno then we'll get them to sign off on it and we can charge them less as we don't lose staff hours.

If you have dyno shops nearby the best bet is to contact them all and see who is willing to hire their dyno initially, then see what they'll charge. If you're not used to operating a dyno get them to do that as it'll be a lot to take in tuning and operating at the same time.

If someone wanted to come in and do their own tuning/pulls and they seemed competent $115 an hour from when they start jacking up the car to put on the hub adapters to when their own tires touch back on the ground, minimum of 1 hour with each subsequent hour billed to the nearest 15 minutes. Any additional support is billed out at a discounted $75 an hour.

This is Santa Barbara, CA.

We usually reply within 12hrs (often sooner)

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