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Introduction to Engine Tuning

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I love the videos very, very helpful and I'm learning a lot and my goal is to become a professional Tuner and I'm just wondering would I be able to use my MacBook Air to run programs instead of buying a new computer?

Hello Paul most operating systems require windows and i have found that using a mac sometimes makes using the hotkeys impossible and some will just not work with the mac even with the latest windows in it

Regards Ross

Just for information: if your mac has Intel CPU, you'll use VMware Fusion to install Windows as guest os and use it to run windows based apps. I'm using this combo to tune my Haltech platinum. It also runs Motec m1 software as well. Also, I strongly recommend using the 64bit version of Windows because many companies finishing develop soft for 32bit ones.

I’m a Mac guy also so I was thinking about getting a cheep windows laptop to run the program. I am going to get a ECUMaster black for my car. I can’t find the system requirements anywhere. Does anyone know what they are? Some of the laptops I have looked at have only 2Gb of ram that seems low to me. The only thing I will use it for is tuning, nothing els, no email surfing the net just tuning.

Best thing would be to contact the ECU manufacturer - I couldn't find anything either.

RAM is so cheap, I wouldn't use anything less than 4Gb for a WIN10 OS, although the 32 bit version works quite well on 2G, the software may not run on a 32 bit OS - something else to check. Something to consider is if they're cheaping out on the basics, like RAM, what else are they cheaping out on - things like battery life may turn out to be quite important, for longer tuning sessions or road tuning.

WIN11 has a minimum of 4G, but considering the bloat and the M$ BS, a minimum of 8G may be better.

I didn't see what version of USB the ECU interface is compatible with, but any reasonably modern PC/lappy should have at least 3.0, which should ensure maximum connection speed.

I will shoot the manufacture an email and see what they say. The brochure was kind of vague on system requirement


I will make sure it has USB 3.0. I am about to replace my Mac it is my main machine so I am trying to stay cheep on the laptop if posable.

Thanks for the help

Looks like the device barely hits USB 1.0 speeds, so 2.0 or higher will be ample.

You may find your 'phone, depending on it's OS, will meet the requirements - TBH, I'm surprised this isn't a selling point for the engine/vehicle management systems.

Found a computer repair shop run by a British man that turned out to be a gear head (petrol head) himself. He had a laptop he sold me for $200. He said if it does not work for what I am doing just bring it back.

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