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Want to ask something because i dont know what to think about it.... 1st of all i am interested on tunning motorcycles. We have done a dyno on 2 same oem bikes... 1st bike gave us 177hp and the 2ond one 190hp.. But here some info that may help you. The 1st bike (177hp) was at 13100 rpm and the 2nd one (190hp) on 12000rpm. I am thinking that we may have done a wrong calibration in Rpm , but is this gonna give wrong results in terms of mas Hp ?

We did 4runs on each bike and the results were almost the same.. The only thing that may was different is the tyre wear but still.........

So can anyone tell me what happened , have we done some big mistake or the bikes have so much difference in max hp ??

Lots of ways to get things different. We can't tell you what happened, but perhaps by asking questions you can figure it out.

-- Did you use the same correction method on both dyno results (STD vs. SAE, etc)

-- Were the operating conditions of both bikes the same (engine temperature, oil temperature, air temperature, barometric pressure)

-- Were the tests run in the same gear for both bikes?

-- How did you pick up the engine RPM?

-- Do both bikes have the same stock unmodified ECU?

-- Does the dyno allow you to control the ramp rate? Were these the same?

Just for our info -- what is the brand/model of dyno? How much experience running the dyno does the operator have?

Well lets take it from start..... 1. its on the same dyno and the brand is Fuchs

2. wasnt on the same day so many variables could be different ( but does air temp for example can give so big difference in hp ? )

3. bikes were exaclty the same

4. I am not sure about the gear but i think it was the same

5. Does different gear gives different number in hp ?