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ECU for my Honda engine.

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Hello what can you recommend to me as a newbie of ecu tuning.

i have HONDA F20b dohc engine. what's good ecu standalone or piggyback ecu?

but if piggyback is a less price then what is the good brand and easy to tune?

I'm excited to learn to tune for my first car. :)

What car is this, year and model?

honda accord 94 but the engine came from prelude. vtec engine

I would go with a Hondata S300 . It's like a heavily modified stock ECU. So you get a lot of features of a standalone with a lot less work to get the car driving and running ok.

Going to suggest much the same thing - check with their tech support for best solution for your engine/vehicle combination.

You also could use an Obd1 P28 ecu combined with a Demon V2 emulator board. And use Neptune software for tuning. It's cheaper then Hondata s300, and as good or maybe even better then Hondata s300. Check

Thanks a lot, this keep me motivated to tune my engine hoping i can tune soon...