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Introduction to Engine Tuning

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I have a ma70 supra with the stock 7mge in it not built a turbo engine yet saving for parts but I would like to get the car ready for the swap when it finally comes so I would like to get a stand alone ecu for it ideally I would like a plug and play ecu or something alone those lines if possible. I understand That when I decide to turbo it I will have to add different sensors, so I’m wanting to be able to use this ecu when that time comes.

I would like to use the knowledge I’m learning from these tuning courses to the stock na motor it’s currently running the loom is good and sensors are good and it’s a well maintained engine my goal for this engine is to get a little more power and fuel economy and just have a play really and just get to grasps and comfortable with tuning my car

What Ecu would anyone recommend that they have had successful experience with with this engine and wiring loom

Hello there is so many great ecus on the market and most are covered in our advertising, for your engine it comes down to budget that you are wanting to spend and the features you wish to use.

also down load as much pc software as you can and have a look at it throw some questions to there tech support and see how they respond to your questions

i my self am a little biased as i mainly use link and am one of the link tech support guys but that is not to say that link is the best but im very happy and familiar with the software

hope this helps

Regards Ross