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Good Evo 8/AEM Infinity Tuners in California

Introduction to Engine Tuning

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I took the engine building class a while back and built the 4G63 in my Evo 8. I just finished all of the wiring and fabrication, so now I'm ready to have the car tuned. Does anyone have a recommendation for a good tuner in Northern California? This is an Evo 8 and I'm running AEM Infinity with the CD7 Dash. I really want to use the best tuner out there, because I have a ton of time and and money invested into the setup. I'd even be willing to tow the car to Southern California if needed.

I think that i have everything worked out, but is there anything that might often get overlooked before tuning? I just want to make sure that I have everything ready so that my tuner can do his job. Thanks!

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It would be smart to check a few things before tuning such as:

Intake leak test

Cylinders Compression test

Proper spark plugs (colder than stock if required) with proper gap ( depending on boost level)

Fuel pump voltage and flow

Crank case gases proper ventilation system with oil catch can

Proper exhaust system.

Also very important to read spark plugs during tuning and adjust fuel delivery by individual cylinders if required- it is common problem with 4g63 as 4th cylinder is usually the hottest one with 3rd one also being hotter that 1st and 2nd - that will need to be verified.

I would suggest you check with FFTEC Motorsports in Hayward. I think Anthony might be a good resource for your tuning.


Thanks for the replies. I'll make sure that I have all of that in order before getting tuned.

I just checked out FFTEC online and just a guess, but I think that they may be under new ownership. Their website is broken and all of their social media stopped in 2018. Also they had great reviews before, but a bunch of 1 star reviews recently.

Anyone else that might be good?

I worked with Anthony Cardinale, and he was a guy that knew what he was doing (I suggest you email him

anthonyc@fftec.com). Sorry I don't have another recommendation, I would imagine there are lots of good Infinity experienced guys in the area.

Thanks! I'll contact him.

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