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How to listen for knock

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Hi everyone, I have a question. Are there aftermarket knock sensors that can be fitted and work with normal but high vibrations to a highly modified engine instead of the factory system? And what if the knock sensor fails and the engine is producing knock during the cruise.

Hello if you are using an aftermarket ECU then yes bosch makes great donut-style sensors for this application if the sensor fails and your tune is that close it needs timing removed all the time then i would expect you will possibly have an issue.

Just make sure that the Knock sensor that you get is specified for Generic use as these will have a wide operating range of frequencies without any filtering. Bosch and other Knock sensor manufacturers also make narrow band sensors (the ones fitted to the Mitsubishi EVO are like this) that have been optimised to operate in a narrow frequency range to suit that particular engine, so they may not work correctly on your engine. Also make sure that the sensor that you want to use operates in the frequency range of your engine.

The Bosch 0 261 231 188 is from the KS-4 sensor family that has a frequency range of 3 - 25 kHz, whereas the 0 261 231 006 and 0 261 231 045 are from the KS-1 range and have a frequency range of 1 - 20 kHz.

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