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knock detection and knock threshold correction

Introduction to Engine Tuning

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Hi everyone. love the plethora of info on hpa.

Just thought about knock threshold that an ecu retards timing.

Lets say you have audible knock detection tools other than a tunable ecu. You find that on a ramp run that the ecu is hitting the knock threshold and retards timing but with the audible detection there isn't a noticeable ignition knock noise.

Would it be wise to increase the ignition knock detection threshold.

I would replace the OEM knock sensor (or check it's wiring) first. Does reducing timing and repeating the ramp run avoid the knock retard. If so, I would tend to believe the OEM knock sensors over my own knock detection, perhaps they filter at a different frequency, have a better chance or detecting knock or whatever.

Yes, if you are SURE it doesn't detect any knock (like it would be false knock), you need to adjust the threshold. There's are some info on the COBB site about this for subaru engine with noisy forged internals. But in my experience, the knock was happening when I was flooring it at around 2000RPM.