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Might be a stupid question - ICV when fitting ITB's

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Hi Guys,

Might be a stupid question, I'm a bit out of the loop with some of the technical side of things here.

I'm building up my E30 Track Car, Bored Stroked, forged M20, I have a set of 'RHD' throttle bodies which are going on, it comes with a manifold block and some fittings to allow a small pipe to pass to each inlet runner, i had always assumed this was for Vacuum for a brake booster, however reading some ECU stuff recently it occurred to me that maybe this block and setup is actually probably for some form of idle control valve.

Question is - and I think I know the answer as I'm typing this... to get the car to idle properly, I guess it will need an Idle Control valve and this lot all plumbing in? never built anything on ITB's before, all my other cars are on carbs (Retro I know!)

Sorry for whats probably a dumb question! Attached a photo to redeem myself.


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Most cars fitted with ITBs don't have an idle control valve. They just live with a variable idle (due to engine temp), or do ignition-controlled idle in the ECU. Just like your carbs -- you don't have an idle control valve there either.

Thats the answer I was hoping for to be honest, I like the clutter free and lack of complexity without, I can settle for a slightly variable idle worst case i could include a connector on the loom just in case one has to be added in the future, but certainly try without if we can!

Thanks David

Another option would be a solenoid, or better a stepper motor, controlled by the ECU, but not sure how easy that would be to fit for your application?

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